s/t 12"

Womankind are adults. Their mean friendship is 10.8 years. The five of them have been in numerous bands, separate and together. Womankind is meant to be their last band. This is their first record. Womankind at long last.

Initial pressing of 324.

Includes download coupon.

Artwork by Scott Malin.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/st-by-womankind-12



STILL SINGLE, September 13, 2011

Womankind – s/t 12” EP (Nominal)

Nominal is keeping the identity of this band somewhat obscured (if you’re not now, you never were, I guess) but it’s safe to say they’re Vancouver dudes who claim this to be their last band. The band isn’t over or anything just yet, so “last” could be a while – and from the strength of this EP, which cherrypicks the toothiest elements from a history of American noise rock starting with the Jesus Lizard and Unsane and ending up with Les Savy Fav and Rye Coalition. There’s appreciable skill and wit in the songs, neither quality upstaging the front-wheel drive of the rhythm section, and the well-rehearsed, tight-til-it’s-loose performance aesthetics really help this one to transcend. 324 copies.

Doug Mosurock



PERTE & FRACAS, September 28, 2011

Self-titled 12''
Nominal 2011

Nouveau groupe de Vancouver, avec plein d'anciens je ne sais quoi dedans, mais potes depuis très longtemps au sein de cette communauté punk locale très active et qui ont eu envie de rassembler leur force pour marcher sur les traces de Pissed Jeans, source d'inspiration inépuisable pour pas mal de groupes ces derniers temps. Au final, Pissed Jeans ne pollue pas plus que ça leur atmosphère. C'est surtout une façon de dire qu'ils veulent aller vers quelquechose de rock, noise et crade, direct et charnel. Ces quatre titres font plus penser à Rye Coalition première période et Circus Lupus avec une pincée de Jesus Lizard. Deux bassistes dont un qui chante, deux guitaristes dont un qui chante aussi, un batteur mais étrangement, rien d'assourdissant. Chaque partie est bien déliée, n'empiète pas sur le territoire de l'autre. Ca sonne sec et revêche, presque à l'arrache. Tous les titres sont riches d'un riff ou d'un rythme qui les rend tout de suite attirants. Womankind ne cherche pas les complications, va à l'essentiel avec du bon jus rock'n'roll dans sa démarche, un Fang Fang percutant et un Five plus lent que la moyenne, aride et donnant envie de descendre cul sec son bourbon. Nominal records a encore fait une bonne pioche et est un label à surveiller de très prêt.

SKX (28/09/2011)



YELLOW GREEN RED, September 1, 2011

Womankind Womankind 12″ (Nominal)

A four-song 12″ EP with a line drawing of flowers on the cover… we could be dealing with anything here, but Nominal generally likes to rock, specifically in a punk fashion, so that’s my best guess for Womankind. After giving it a go, I’m not too far off, but Womankind have a little more Touch & Go in their systems than your average Nominal artist, like they mixed Polvo and Fugazi in with their vibrant Vancouver hometown scene. It’s a sound bands have been doing for years now, one that stretches from scruffy emo, rooted in basement parties and community activism, to the aforementioned Midwestern chug, and ongoing into the future. I like Action Patrol, and I like Microwaves, and I like The Red Scare, and I like Womankind, too. (Hell, I even like I Hate Myself.) Can’t rightly say this one moved me to any sort of profound experience, or that Womankind evoke any new perspective on this well-worn sound, but they do right by it, at least. Every local scene needs one of these bands (…but one good one is probably enough).