Practically Dead LP

"Strike while the best served dish is cold." That's what they always say, right? Nearly two years after the Do The Earthquake 7", Vapid prove it with their debut album. Rough and bittersweet, or just plain spiteful, pop songs with a couple steamrollers thrown in for good measure. The Go-Go's ditch the glossy production and record Too Tough To Die.

Co-release with Deranged. Initial pressing of 1022; 513 clear for Nominal, 509 black & white marble for Deranged.

Includes insert plus download coupon for LP and debut 7".

Do the Earthquake 7"

Vancouver's music scene is alive again for the first time in nearly 30 years (see Vancouver Complication) and "Do The Earthquake" is the dance party hit of its resurgent, art-punk, underground. On the flipside, "Victim" and "Whore" stand tall against prime-era Bikini Kill singles tracks. This 7" proves Vapid are more than exhilaratingly haphazard live performances. Get ready to shake! RIYL: X-Ray Spex; Bikini Kill; Red Cross; Sado Nation; Dishrags; feedback, 60's girl groups.

Initial pressing of 312 on clear vinyl with white insert. SOLD OUT.

Second pressing of 329 on black vinyl with yellow insert. SOLD OUT.

Side A:
1. Do The Earthquake

Side B:
1. Victim
2. Whore


this record is to document a year of one of the best alternative spaces currently operating in canada. THE EMERGENCY ROOM is located in vancouver’s rat and drug infested downtown eastside. a literal underground, this basement warehouse is an indestructible fortress of creation, destruction and repair with a philosophy of DANCE or DIE, piss your pants and puke on yourself!!!

from its origins as a free, D.I.Y. all-ages noise/performance art gathering in the basement of the emily carr arts institute parkade, to its current existence in a former fish processing factory, the E.R. has consistently put on some of the weirdest, most elaborate, entertaining and ridiculous art and music shows in vancouver’s recent underground history.

after a year of spray-painted walls, bizarre installations and art works, blood, fights, broken glass, punk rock, noise, art, make-outs and more, here is EMERGENCY ROOM VOL. 1.

- Justin Gradin

1. DEFEKTORS-Burning Light
2. DEFEKTORS-Kick First One
5. VAPID-Sex Stain
6. VAPID-Die
7. WHITE LUNG-Therapy

1. MUTATORS-Instinct
5. NU SENSAE-Graceland
6. NU SENSAE-Don't Panic
7. NU SENSAE-Peter Tripp
8. SICK BUILDINGS-The Commuter

One time pressing of 924.

Includes full-size, 20 page book of photos, art and text printed on recycled paper at Hemlock Printers.



STILL SINGLE May 27, 2010

Vapid – Practically Dead LP (Nominal/Deranged)

Debut long-player from Vancouver’s (Still Single’s official punk city) Vapid, two years after their only single “Do the Earthquake.” Two years between records in today’s punk market is an eternity. They’ve taken time to develop their songwriting chops from a basic snotty garage attack to something a little more substantial. Like many of their citymates Vapid is effective as capturing a moment of music past with fresh eyes. Practically Dead channels that early Lookout Records Riot Grrl sound, sounding like a singles-era Kathleen Hannah, fronting a more aggro Cub. It diverges with the Bikini Kill comparison with the songs remaining mostly poppy despite bursting with profanity and threats. It’s more unapologetic than political. Katie’s voice is a perfect blend of bubblegum and spite, with “Septic” opening with her snarling like a cat then moves into “Death of Youth” which is Ramones influenced girl pop perfection. Caroline’s walking bass lines pulls a lot of weight, which can make or break the chord heavy garage bands. Practically Dead would have benefited from a little editing, including the double speed retake of their single’s “Do The Earthquake” which loses all it’s swing. However hearing her howl “you fucking cunt-hole bitch” gives me the impression they could care less. 500 copies on clear for Records Nominal, 500 on Black/White for Deranged.



BEATROUTE January 2010

Vapid are definitely one of the poppier bands to come out of Vancouver’s noise-rock/"weird punk" bumper crop, but Practically Dead, their first LP, is still a brash and bratty offering.

Delivering on the promise of their excellent “Do The Earthquake’ single from early 2008, Practically Dead delivers several gems of angry, pointed noise pop that strays between bubblegum melody and abrasive guitar assault with ease. These are abrasive pop tunes with guitar feedback, not clean pop tunes recorded terribly so as to sound noisy.

Like any good punk record, Practically Dead delivers its goods quickly and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The hooks are catchy, the music is firmly rooted in punk rock via noise-pop influence and just when you think the melodies are getting a bit too sugary, vocalist Katie will yell something like "I’ll tear your fucking eyes out!"

Plus, most of these songs fly by in under two minutes – it’s back to basics, but it works for Vapid. Older songs like “Do the earthquake”, “Die”, and “Sex Stain” also appear on here, albeit in new versions. Practically Dead comes with a digital download that includes the “Do the Earthquake” single in addition to the album itself, so if you’re late to the party or don’t have a turntable, you can still join in. Recommended.”

-Devin Friesen



Vapid Practically Dead LP Review
December 19th, 2009

If I had any irrational concern that Vapid may have come off the rails since their 2007 debut EP Do the Earthquake those fears were buried alive the second my turntable needle hit the clear vinyl Practically Dead LP. “Fuckin’ faker!” snaps lead singer Katie in the opening lines, “Your time is UP!” This album, put simply, is everything I had been hoping for. In the spirit of not being so friggin’ wordy all the time punk rock, were gonna do a fast song-by-song rundown of the new album. So let’s go!

1. Choke: Everyone comes out swinging on the opening track. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, everything. Katie’s voice sounds better than it ever has, and the addition of Carrie taking on a more prominent role on the back-up vocals seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Oh, and this song features the most offensive slur I’ve heard all year. It’s two-minutes and ten seconds of awesome, awesome, awesome.

2. Die: One of three complete re-worked songs from earlier recordings. If you’re used to the version on the E/R Compilation, you’re in for a surprise here. For one thing, the vocals are far poppier and the lyrics a lot more discernible, and Steven’s fuzzy guitar is a lot more in line with the other bands that appeared on the compilation.

3. Sex Stain: The second reworked song. This one is a lot closer to the original (found on the E/R Compilation). The big difference here, again, is that the the vocals are a lot clearer and the words easier to catch. I listened to the original many, many times and never really caught the words until this version. Haaaaaaarsh, but great nonetheless.

4. Hate You: Not a new song, but new to vinyl. I have a setlist from a show they did at The Railway in early 2008 and this track is listed. Anyway, it’s another barn-burner with an overlaying screechy guitar. Think Nu Sensae, but a little more reigned in. The rest of the track, however, is their vintage sound.

5. Take a Walk, Baby: This is one of my favourites of the new songs, especially the “In my heart and soul! In my heart and soul!” chorus where most of the band is singing along. As much as Vapid really is all about Katie singing on her own, it’s fun to hear everyone else get in on the action too.

6. Bruises: Straight-up, fast-as-shit, old-school punk rock. This track really brings the weight of 1980’s Washington D.C. punk crashing down. It’s sinister as all hell despite the fact that it runs a total of 44 seconds and the complete lyrics are “Bruises all over my body ‘cuz baby, I like to party!” repeated a couple of times. I wish it was a little longer.

7. MRSA: This is the first song I that I really noticed the difference in Katie’s voice. Maybe it’s a change in recording levels, but the vocals sound bolder and unlike on the Do the Earthquake 7″, seem to be a lot more fore-fronted. Again, whether this is an issue of increased confidence, or somebody pushing the lead mic slider up a little higher, the changes are definitely for the better.

8. Septic: Why does this song start with someone growl singing “Rrrraaaarrrrraaaaarrrr! Rrraaaarrrrraaarr! Rrraaarrrraaaarr!”? Because it’s kick-ass! That’s why! Septic is also the best example of how this band can go from sweet to harsh in the blink of an eye. “Don’t look back…” sings Katie in her nice-girl voice “…or I’ll CUT YOUR FUCKIN’ EYES OUT!” Cute AND crazy!

9. Death of Youth: I would definitely say this one is the most commercially accessible track on the whole album. The chorus is sure to get stuck in your head. “And it all goes by so fast. And we wish that it would last. Oh, it all goes by so fast, death of youth.” It’s a rare introspective track that I’d personally like to hear more of in future releases.

10. Total Zero: Again with the great harmonies! And a song about no-good boys? See, this is what I was talking about in terms of new directions. Sure, Vapid have songs about useless assholes but this one is preemptively cautionary, as opposed to other messy after-the-mistake-has-been-made songs like Sex Stain.

11. So Far Gone: We’re already on the record with how much we love this track. Check out our Pick of the Week article from a couple weeks back!

12. Do the Earthquake: Word has it that this song was originally intended to be a much slower version than the one on the EP. I don’t know what happened to that, but this one clocks in at 2:50, whereas the original was 3:00. Keeping in mind that this song was faster than hell originally, you’ve really got to hear the new version. Hint: Much closer to how it’s performed live, with keep-up-if-you-can drumming and rollercoaster vocals. This new version is super fun!

13. Movin’ On: This will forever be my go-to song whenever I’m bored at work, bored at home, or just bored in general. “This party’s OVER!” the girls sing, “It’s NO FUN! I hate everyone!” How can a song be so upbeat and be so crabby at the same time? After infinite listens to this LP Movin’ On is officially my favourite track on an album full of AMAZING tracks.

So that’s it! Go buy a copy because they’re now available at all the independent record stores. Also, the good kids at Nominal Records have included a free download coupon inside for your digital-listening pleasure! Go on, git!


Vapid isn’t afraid to get all-out nasty on Practically Dead
By Gregory Adams

Practically Dead (Nominal/Deranged)

You can tell that Vapid is all about juxtaposition. Judging by the cover art of Practically Dead —a grainy shot of a lovely-looking glam girl with her head flopped into the nastiest toilet bowl this side of the seventh level of hell—it looks like the group gets a kick out of pairing the sweet with the sick. Listening to the punky songs on its latest long-player makes this even clearer.

Opener “Choke” specializes in fuzzed-out bubblegum hooks and cutesy-poo vocal harmonies, but the track also finds singer Katie Doyle jamming her digits down her throat in disgust before calling someone a “cunt-hole bitch”.

Despite its penchant for pop, Vapid isn’t afraid to get all-out nasty. “Bruises” tips its hat to early ’80s hardcore with Doyle’s shouted mantra of “I like to party!” and its slam-dance-inducing speediness. Elsewhere, the altogether ooky garage rocker “MRSA” suggests that these locals have spent at least a couple of nights in a London dungeon.

“Do the Earthquake” brings the band back to its gnarly blend of dainty and demented. Sped up significantly from the version found on the seven-inch of the same title, the newly gnarled-up sock hop blitzes by in a wash of atomic-bomb white noise, frantic drumming, and Doyle’s directions to shimmy and shake. It might still be poppy, but its cacophonous finale isn’t exactly pretty. It’s just how Vapid likes it.




Do the Earthquake 7" EP

Second coming of Bikini Kill? Man, I don't know, but this record rips. Young-sounding kids from Vancouver get everything right, seemingly at the limits of their abilities – bratty, loud, but tuneful and direct vocals, scrappy punk riffs, and a good, clear recording that pushes the noise up front, where it belongs. Simple conceits in the songwriting, but this is the sort of sound – Riot Grill, natch – that is either second-nature to flense out to something usable and past the traps of nostalgia, or completely possible to fuck up in every way. That Vapid comes out of nowhere and absolutely nails it is part of why we're all digging through singles so fervently these days. Grab it a la L'Trimm. 312 copies, clear vinyl.


Do The Earthquake 7 3t.
Nominal Records 2007

EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! OOUUCH ! Là encore, un excellent ep de Nominal records. Vapids ? C'est du VKTMS, du Lewd, du No Alternative, etc, etc, du punk rock énergique, nihiliste et assez dévastateur. Du qui tue ! 3 titres qui ont fait trembler la terre du côté de Vancouver. Des secousses telluriques sont même à prévoir près de chez vous car un album est annoncé sur Nominal rec et Deranged rec. Tout simplement incontournable: do the earthquake !

-Fab tigan (14/09/2009)

EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! EXCELLENT ! OOUUCH ! Here again, another excellent EP from Nominal Records. Vapid? It's like VKTMS, Lewd, No Alternative, etc., etc.; it's energetic, nihilist, and powerful punk rock. Killer stuff! Three tracks that caused an earthquake off Vancouver. Get ready for telluric rumblings near you as Nominal Records and Deranged Records have announced a Vapid LP [in the near future]. Simply unstoppable: Do the earthquake!

-Fab tigan (14/09/2009)


DISCORDER March 2008

Riff Raff

Short stack for you this month folks, but some great stuff to spend your dough on, that's for sure. Starting with what is undoubtedly my favorite 7" of the moment from local upstarts Vapid. These kids shimmy and shake and do the earthquake all around town, but have now set off an explosion on wax. Imagine a fifties sock hop suddenly invaded by the cast of Suburbia, and you might be close to what this sounds like. Like Bow Wow Wow on too much candy (as on the title cut) or the B-52s with a Black Flag fetish (with the song "Victim"), there's a flash and a pow, and man--this smokes. Get off your couch and do the pony to your local rekkid shop and get this, pronto. (Nominal Records, 726 Richards St., Vancouver B.C. V6B 3A4).

-Bryce Dunn



VAPID-Do The Earthquake 7"

This female-fronted Vancouver, B.C. band make this shit that’s playful, urgent, snotty, and super rad. Their sound is rather reminiscent of early riot grrrl and grunge on a punk tip. Because I can’t even pogo rhythmically, I typically don’t like songs suggesting that I do a dance - I still can’t walk like an Egyptian. But I find here the exception to the rule. The title track is total fun. I was spazzin’ out before the chorus even hit. The two tracks on the other side are just as good, if not better. Here’s the rub: only 312 of ’em were made.




Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Totally my kind of math.

Artist - Vapid

Title - Do the Earthquake 7"

Hometown - Vancouver, Canada

Label - Nominal Records

The Runaways + The Stooges + something better than all the old school American Riot Grrrl bands combined = Vapid.

And a note to The Donnas - please stop making records. Vapid makes your very existence pointless.


EQUALIZING DISTORT Vol 8, Issue 5, August 2008

VAPID-s/t ep

This is a fledling [sic] new band out of Vancouver that rocks like a motherfucker. VAPID by their own admission draw on the 60's girl group phenomenon, the DISHRAGS, BIKINI KILL, and local bands like WHITE LUNG. The shimmies and shakes of the girl group era make it into the lyrics of "Earthquake" which is a song about public paranoia so it is a bit ironic or maybe just a good pun. All three songs are great raw primal punk sounding and some [sic] across as a female fronted GERMS or X RAY SPEX meets the BAYONETTES. It is lo fi in style and noisey [sic] in terms of a bashing it out approach. It's a gem.

-Stephe Perry



VAPID-Do The Earthquake EP

Woo hoo! Poppy, lady-fronted garage punk, with danceable beats, fuzzed-out guitars, and an unmistakable riot girl 'tude. BIKINI KILL and the PIPETTES go out for strawberry shakes and teen mayhem? The Girls in the Garage comp behind the Safeway with switchblades and Evan Dando? I'm not sure which metaphoric sound situation to go with, but you've got the picture.

-Ariel Awesome

TOP 10


Burnt Cross-Freedom of Speech EP
Dave E & The Cool Marriage Counselors EP
The Dirtbombs-We Have You Surrounded LP
Kill the Hippies/We March-split EP
Pierced Arrows-In My Brain/Caroline 45
Post Regiment-Death Before Metal LP
V/A-Local Anesthetic CD
V/A-Messthetics 104 CD
Carnal Knowledge-live



2008 Year End Top Tens

Marissa Magic:

VAPID-Do the Earthquake" 7" (Nominal)

As always I'm a sucker for fast, loud girl scream freak-outs. I love it and they also have a couple amazing cuts on the Emergency Room comp.



Best of 2008 by Marissa Magic

some records:

1. nu sensae 12" (grrrrruuuuuuuunnnnnggggggeeeee)
2. vivian girls - wild eyes 7" (it's kind of sweet but totally full of danger)
3. modern creatures - thick thick black 7" (new/no wave, bedroom dance)
4. new bloods - secret life (this band kills me everytime)
5. vapid - do the earthquake 7" (I love girl scream rave-ups)
6. grass widow tape (pretty much my favorite local band)
7. u.s. girls - introducing (it's like neil young but a girl fuzzed out alone in her room)
8. explode into colors tape (ok, I haven't actually heard it but I know I'm getting one, I know I'm going to like it, and it happened in 2008)
9. free kitten - inherit (FREE FUCKING KITTEN!!!!!!!)
10. mutators - secret life (#1 girl screamer.)