NOMINAL releases are available for mail order and distribution from MIDHEAVEN / REVOLVER USA.

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It's true, NOMINAL is no longer based in Vancouver Punk City™. If you're unable to pick up any of the in-print releases elsewhere then head over to the contacts page and send an email. Same goes for any other non-Euros. Be warned, postage from Switzerland is, in the words of the mighty Nitro, outfuckingrageous.

Stock and shipping prices for Europe below. No more PayPal buttons. Email for a total. Prices for shipping within Switzerland are drastically lower.

DISCOGS shop up and running with more titles being added regularly. The in-print NOMINAL catalog, V. VECKER ENSEMBLE 12" on Majorly, newish and remaining mail order stock, and rare and not so rare items from the Nominal library, they're all there, or will be eventually.

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All prices in USD.
Items available to ship from Switzerland.

Please refer to the weight and pricing charts below to see what you're getting into. Swiss Post has changed their shipping procedures again as of spring 2014. The following prices are for economy post, which may take a month or longer overseas. Email for priority or registered priority prices.


First 7" = 125g
Each additional 7" = 65g
LP = 475g
Nü Sensae LP = 525g
E/R LP+BOOK / 2LP = 600g
Destroyer 2LP = 800g
Each additional LP = 275g
Each additional Nü Sensae LP = 325g
Each additional E/R LP+BOOK / 2LP = 400g
Each additional Destroyer 2LP* = 600g


500g/2cm thick = $3 (7"s only)
501-1000g/2cm thick = $5.50 (7"s only)
up to 2kg = $9 (LP sized)


1-250g = $6.25 (7"s only)
251-500g = $10.00 (7"s only)
251-500g = $12.00
501-1000g = $15.50
1001-2000g = $29.50

ROW (North America, Australasia, etc)

1-250g = $8 (7"s only)
251-500g = $11.75 (7"s only)
251-500g = $15
LPs/7"s 501-1000g = $22
LPs/7"s 1001-2000g = $39


EN ATTENDANT ANA-Songs from the Cave 12" (NOMI024) $12
Fantastic debut EP from this Parisian quintet.

B-LINES-Opening Band 12" (HDR-29/NOMI023) $13.50
The title track alone is worth the price of admission.

Blue vinyl repress. Includes download coupon.

My favourite, and most listened to, album of 2012 now available on vinyl in 2013. Absolutely worth the wait! Includes download coupon. Last handful of copies.

LOVE CUTS-s/t 7" (NOMI021) $5
The first five songs these three ladies wrote and recorded are better than most bands' entire careers. Includes insert and download coupon.

WOMANKIND-s/t 12" (NOMI014) $10
Angry music by decidedly non-angry men and woman. Includes download coupon.

NÜ SENSAE/WHITE LUNG-Clown Life 7" (DY190/NOMI019) $8
The single most hideous cover on any record I'll ever release. Includes download coupon. Very few left.

B-LINES-s/t 12" (DY189/NOMI015) $10
Nine more quick bursts of smart ass punk, not to be confused with "funny punk". Includes zine of lyrics and art, plus download coupon. A handful left.

NÜ SENSAE-TV, Death and the Devil LP (NOMI013) $15
Includes 23"x31" poster, insert, and download coupon.
Please note, due to the poster this LP weighs 525 grams first item, 325 grams each additional.

DEFEKTORS-The Bottom of the City LP (GROSSMOD15/NOMI007) $10
Bleak and blazing nine song debut LP. Includes download coupon.

DEFEKTORS-The Bottom of the City LP + Secret Trials 7" PACKAGE $13
Save money when you buy both Defektors records on Nominal. LP includes download coupon.

VAPID-Practically Dead LP (DY142/NOMI008) $10
Vapid go pop while fighting the urge to implode. Nominal copies on clear vinyl, Deranged on marble, both are available. Includes download coupon with Do The Earthquake 7" songs.

RANDOM CUTS-Rat Capacity / Destroyed 7" (NOMI009) $5
Random Cuts 2009 summer single series #1. 515 copies on blue vinyl. Includes insert and download coupon.

RANDOM CUTS-Sleep / Jail Stripes 7" (NOMI010) $5
Random Cuts 2009 summer single series #2. Hits! 520 copies on pink vinyl. Includes insert and download coupon.

RANDOM CUTS-Make Damage / Pigeon Park 7" (NOMI011) $5
Random Cuts 2009 summer single series #3. "Pigeon Park" marks the lead vocal debut by Mildred. 524 copies on yellow vinyl. Includes insert and download coupon.

RANDOM CUTS-Rat / Sleep / Make 3x7" PACKAGE $12
All three Random Cuts singles at a nice price. Full color covers, inserts, download coupons, and color vinyl.

DESTROYER-City of Daughters / Thief 2LP (NOMI003) $25
Both of these early Destroyer albums in one 2LP set with "old style" tip-on gatefold jacket. Initial pressing of 1026. Last copies!

DEFEKTORS-Secret Trials / Doomsday Girl 7" (NOMI004) $5
Second pressing of 342 on black vinyl with updated insert.

MUTATORS-Secret Life LP (NOMI005) $10
Mutators at their shrieking and tuneful best. Red or blue vinyl. Includes full colour insert.

Vancouver's class of 2008 featuring DEFEKTORS, MUTATORS, NÜ SENSAE, PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS, SICK BUILDINGS, TWIN CRYSTALS, VAPID, and WHITE LUNG. Includes full-sized, 20 page book of art and photos.