Songs from the Cave 12"

Parisian quintet evoking the likes of Electrelane, Pram, and Stereolab infused with the indie pop spirit of 80's Scotland and captured in the glorious 4-track murk of early era Flying Nun. Their six(?) song debut, praised by such new music early adopters as Dusted & Social and Fuckin' Record Reviews, now appears on 45rpm 12" following its original cassette release on Buddy Records/Montagne Sacrée. Vinyl edition of 306.


Opening Band 12"

Vancouver quartet B-Lines refuse to be killed by death and are finally back with another manic burst of proto-hardcore punk. Known for their short, spastic and occasionally bloody live shows, the band has captured that energy and broken glass once again on Opening Band, another quick 12-inch for Hockey Dad (North America) and Nominal (Europe).

The record marks an evolution for B-Lines, who've matured enough to write a handful of songs that break the two-minute mark. That's not to say they've gotten smarter — these are stupid songs about feeling stupid, being stupid, trying to forget about one's stupidity and finally embracing the stupidness of it all. The nine song release concludes with its title track, a celebration of the leagues of forgotten go-nowhere bands clogging up your local DIY punk dive.

As always, B-Lines offer terse blasts of melodic hardcore punk not unlike the sounds of Red Cross and the Descendents. Desperate vocals, frantic drumming and trebly guitar set the stage for frontman Ryan Dyck's smart-ass observations and entertaining ennui. All of it recalls a time when hardcore was as catchy as it was destructive.


s/t LP

With their four-track demo recorded in a friend's flat, Brighton's Irreparables disposed of the excess of some 35 years of punk rock and found perfection in its most rudimentary elements. The ghosts of Ramones, Dead Moon, Wipers, The Cure, and The Shaggs remain. In an increasingly contrived world, reaffirmation is found in their simple, direct nature. Innocence and longing ("I Wanna Make a Fanzine", "Dear Mixtape", "Broken Sound") stand beside contempt and disgust ("Bendito sea Dios", "Spit on the Pope", "Release the Hounds", "Digested System"). These 10 songs make up the totality of Irreparables' recorded existence.

Members of Cisma, Destrucción, Firmeza 10, OTAN, Las Timidas, etc.

Artwork by Teodoro Hernandez.

Mastered from cassette by Timothy Stollenwerk.

Vinyl edition of 356 copies in a reverse board jacket with 320kbps mp3 download. LAST FEW COPIES!

Repress on blue vinyl. 147 copies in a reverse board jacket with 320kbps mp3 download.


s/t 7"

Smash five song EP from Vancouver's overnight sensations. Forget your dudely angst, these three ladies are full of the carefree charm that made the finest purveyors of the UK DIY and K Records pop movements so great.

Initial pressing of 330.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/st-by-love-cuts-7


s/t 12"

Womankind are adults. Their mean friendship is 10.8 years. The five of them have been in numerous bands, separate and together. Womankind is meant to be their last band. This is their first record. Womankind at long last.

Initial pressing of 324.

Includes download coupon.

Artwork by Scott Malin.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/st-by-womankind-12


Clown Life split tour 7"

What's a merch table without a new tour single? Problem solved. One new song each for Nü Sensae and White Lung's May-July 2011 North American tour.

Split release with Deranged.

Initial pressing of 770.

Includes download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/white-lung-nu-sensae-clown-life-tour-split-by-nu-sensae-white-lung-7


s/t 12"

B-Lines follow-up their (temporarily) sold out, six song, debut 7" with nine more short, sharp odes to awkwardness, alienation, and their hometown of Vancouver. Manic vocals atop perfectly simple and tuneful songs played with a frenzy that lands them in the sweet spot between hardcore and pop-punk. In keeping with their belief that LPs are for prog rock, it's all said and done before you'll have time to conceptualize your next snack.

Co-release with Deranged.

Initial pressing of 544 copies. 50 copies with plain white labels for Alberta tour (sold out).

Includes 8.5"x5" zine of lyrics and art, plus digital download.

Artwork by Melanie Coles.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/st-by-blines-12


TV, Death and the Devil LP

Nü Sensae's reputation for auditory violence is well-earned. Now muscle and melody have been added to the shrieking terror for an album that surpasses all expectations. 12 songs for wiping your mind off of the wall.

Debut full length LP following appearance on the E/R compilation LP, one-sided 12" on Isolated Now Waves, 7" on Critiscum Internationale.

Initial pressing of 750 with 23"x31" poster printed at Hemlock Printers.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/tv-death-and-the-devil-by-nu-sensae-lp


The Bottom of the City LP

Defektors' debut LP mirrors the desperation of the times with a tougher sound than witnessed on their prior output. The extra instrumental touches of the singles have been stripped away in favor of a fevered attack and desolate howl. Neither melody nor fidelity are compromised by this stark approach. Hope derived from hopelessness. Exposed, raw, and alive.

Co-release with Grotesque Modern.

Initial pressing of 1034 with Stoughton tip-on jackets.

Includes download coupon.

Members of Vapid (Nominal), Modern Creatures (Grotesque Modern), Terrorbird (Night People), Sex Church (Sweet Rot, Convulsive), etc.

Artwork by Andrea Lukić of Nü Sensae.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/bottom-of-the-city-by-defektors-lp


Practically Dead LP

"Strike while the best served dish is cold." That's what they always say, right? Nearly two years after the Do The Earthquake 7", Vapid prove it with their debut album. Rough and bittersweet, or just plain spiteful, pop songs with a couple steamrollers thrown in for good measure. The Go-Go's ditch the glossy production and record Too Tough To Die.

Co-release with Deranged.

Initial pressing of 1022; 513 clear for Nominal, 509 black & white marble for Deranged.

Includes insert plus download coupon for LP and debut 7".


Make Damage / Pigeon Park 7"

The third and final Summer 2009 single by Justin and the ladies. "Pigeon Park" is the lead vocal debut by Mildred. What is she doing hanging out with Vancouver's lost, strung out and soon to be relocated for Olympics beautification?

Initial pressing of 524 on yellow vinyl.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/make-damage-by-random-cuts-mp3-download


Sleep / Jail Stripes 7"

Fresh from their US tour with Nü Sensae, the second of three summer singles by Justin and the ladies. The sound of growing up on punk, grunge and absurdism.

Initial pressing of 520 on pink vinyl.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/sleep-by-random-cuts-mp3-download


s/t 7"

Spaz? Nerd? Punk? Yes, yes and yes. Six immediate songs inspired by the likes of Back From Samoa, Milo Goes To College and The Undertones. Sorry, you'll have to attend the live show to be verbally abused by, or bleed on, them. Otherwise, seven minutes in heaven.

Ex-members of Fun 100, Fuck Me Dead and some others they'd probably prefer I don't mention.

Initial pressing of 439 on white, or marble as it turns out, vinyl (including 20 release show copies with a copy of The Buzzer featuring a B-Lines interview, autographed by all members). SOLD OUT.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Side A:
1. Burnt CDs
2. Social Retard
3. Busy Man

Side B:
1. Leaving
2. Dryer Fire
3. Crazy Glue

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/st-7inch-by-blines-7download


Rat Capacity / Destroyed 7"

Justin (Mutators, Sex Negatives, Nons, Grotesque Modern, Emergency Room, visual artist, etc) joins forces with Mildred Smith and Elanor van Houten for the years-in-the-making debut of Random Cuts. Solid hooks are provided. Expectations of noise and no wave-isms are confounded. The first of three Random Cuts singles to be released on Nominal each month of the summer of 2009.

Initial pressing of 515 on blue vinyl.

Includes insert and download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/rat-capacity-by-random-cuts-7download


City of Daughters / Thief 2LP

Reissue of the second and third Destroyer albums (not including cassettes), back on vinyl where they belong, and in superior versions. The original City of Daughters LP suffered from frequency related glitches which caused it to skip on many turntables. The original Thief mix was never satisfying and the LP/CD was shoddily mastered into mono. Now Thief has been remixed by the original team of Dan Bejar, David Carswell and John Collins at JC/DC Studios and is available in the intended stereo for the first time ever. Both albums have been remastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering and have never sounded better. The two covers have been re-worked by original artist Lester Smolenksi and printed by Stoughton as an "old style", tip-on, gatefold jacket.

Initial pressing of 1026 copies. SOLD OUT.


Secret Trials / Doomsday Girl 7"

Double A-side single from the trio that led off the recent Emergency Room Vol 1 compilation. Pick your favorite: simmering rage or handclaps. While perhaps the most lyrically bleak of related Vancouver bands, no one gets the floor dancing, actually dancing and none of that white belt shit either, more than Defektors. RIYL: Wipers, Joy Division, The Vicious.

Members of Vapid, Modern Creatures, Twin Crystals and Terrorbird.

Initial pressing of 322 on red vinyl with original insert. SOLD OUT.

Second pressing of 342 on black vinyl with new insert. NOW AVAILABLE.

Simultaneously released with 'Torn To Pieces' / 'No To The Night' double A-side 7" on HOCKEY DAD.


Secret Life LP

Mutators lie at the heart of Vancouver's resurrection, spreading the word via multiple North American tours and a variety of releases. Now Secret Life captures them at their most effective and exacting. This set of 13 tightly structured songs is full of venom and surprising hooks. Influences exist without mimicry. Attack and release proves more powerful than unrelenting scree. Sing along at your own peril.

Initial pressing of 820: 408 on blue; 412 on red.

Includes full-size, double-sided insert with full color photo printed on recycled paper at Hemlock Printers.

23 of the blue vinyl copies are full blue & white marble. SOLD OUT!



this record is to document a year of one of the best alternative spaces currently operating in canada. THE EMERGENCY ROOM is located in vancouver’s rat and drug infested downtown eastside. a literal underground, this basement warehouse is an indestructible fortress of creation, destruction and repair with a philosophy of DANCE or DIE, piss your pants and puke on yourself!!!

from its origins as a free, D.I.Y. all-ages noise/performance art gathering in the basement of the emily carr arts institute parkade, to its current existence in a former fish processing factory, the E.R. has consistently put on some of the weirdest, most elaborate, entertaining and ridiculous art and music shows in vancouver’s recent underground history.

after a year of spray-painted walls, bizarre installations and art works, blood, fights, broken glass, punk rock, noise, art, make-outs and more, here is EMERGENCY ROOM VOL. 1.

- Justin Gradin

1. DEFEKTORS-Burning Light
2. DEFEKTORS-Kick First One
5. VAPID-Sex Stain
6. VAPID-Die
7. WHITE LUNG-Therapy

1. MUTATORS-Instinct
5. NU SENSAE-Graceland
6. NU SENSAE-Don't Panic
7. NU SENSAE-Peter Tripp
8. SICK BUILDINGS-The Commuter

One time pressing of 916 (plus 14 test pressings).

Includes full-size, 20 page book of photos, art and text printed on recycled paper at Hemlock Printers.


Do the Earthquake 7"

Vancouver's music scene is alive again for the first time in nearly 30 years (see Vancouver Complication) and "Do The Earthquake" is the dance party hit of its resurgent, art-punk, underground. On the flipside, "Victim" and "Whore" stand tall against prime-era Bikini Kill singles tracks. This 7" proves Vapid are more than exhilaratingly haphazard live performances. Get ready to shake! RIYL: X-Ray Spex; Bikini Kill; Red Cross; Sado Nation; Dishrags; feedback, 60's girl groups.

Initial pressing of 312 on clear vinyl with white insert. SOLD OUT.

Second pressing of 329 on black vinyl with yellow insert. SOLD OUT.

Side A:
1. Do The Earthquake

Side B:
1. Victim
2. Whore