TV, Death and the Devil LP

Nü Sensae's reputation for auditory violence is well-earned. Now muscle and melody have been added to the shrieking terror for an album that surpasses all expectations. 12 songs for wiping your mind off of the wall.

Debut full length LP following appearance on the E/R compilation LP, one-sided 12" on Isolated Now Waves, 7" on Critiscum Internationale.

Initial pressing of 750 with 23"x31" poster printed at Hemlock Printers.

Includes insert and download coupon.

P.S. - Apologies if the download coupon gives you the working song titles. The track listing on the album is correct.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/tv-death-and-the-devil-by-nu-sensae-lp

Clown Life split tour 7"

What's a merch table without a new tour single? Problem solved. One new song each for Nü Sensae and White Lung's May-July 2011 North American tour.

Split release with Deranged.

Initial pressing of 770.

Includes download coupon.

Digital sales: http://www.midheaven.com/item/white-lung-nu-sensae-clown-life-tour-split-by-nu-sensae-white-lung-7


this record is to document a year of one of the best alternative spaces currently operating in canada. THE EMERGENCY ROOM is located in vancouver’s rat and drug infested downtown eastside. a literal underground, this basement warehouse is an indestructible fortress of creation, destruction and repair with a philosophy of DANCE or DIE, piss your pants and puke on yourself!!!

from its origins as a free, D.I.Y. all-ages noise/performance art gathering in the basement of the emily carr arts institute parkade, to its current existence in a former fish processing factory, the E.R. has consistently put on some of the weirdest, most elaborate, entertaining and ridiculous art and music shows in vancouver’s recent underground history.

after a year of spray-painted walls, bizarre installations and art works, blood, fights, broken glass, punk rock, noise, art, make-outs and more, here is EMERGENCY ROOM VOL. 1.

- Justin Gradin

1. DEFEKTORS-Burning Light
2. DEFEKTORS-Kick First One
5. VAPID-Sex Stain
6. VAPID-Die
7. WHITE LUNG-Therapy

1. MUTATORS-Instinct
5. NÜ SENSAE-Graceland
6. NÜ SENSAE-Don't Panic
7. NÜ SENSAE-Peter Tripp
8. SICK BUILDINGS-The Commuter

One time pressing of 924.

Includes full-size, 20 page book of photos, art and text printed on recycled paper at Hemlock Printers.



STILL SINGLE June 9, 2010

Nu Sensae – TV, Death, and the Devil LP (Nominal)

Vancouver, punk Mecca, strikes again with the debut album from Nu Sensae, a bass/drums duo that balances the theatricality and raw, impulsive bent of Lydia Lunch and Jim Foetus with the lumbering, grungy bellow of Babes in Toyland and L7. After a jarring, feverish one-sided 12” and a more polished, more aggressive single, the first full-length rips into it hard, the recording allowing Andrea Lukic’s voice to take on further nuance, while her bass playing is more menacing than before. A big ol’ statement, with lyric sheet and a six-panel poster of the band, which looks really cool. Aside from curating releases from Thee Best Scene in North America, Nominal has gotten in the habit of making a very striking-looking album, and the oversaturated B&W artwork and overall vibe of this sesh matches the heat of the album within. Most highly recommended.

-Doug Mosurock



2010 Year End Top Tens

Bryony Beynon:

NÜ SENSAE-"TV, Death and the Devil" LP (Nominal)

Well, I'm a fan of all three of those things. This was the first record I got to review for MRR this summer, but I only recently got hold of my own copy thanks to peripatetic punk lord Sean, who has put out legions of brilliant Vancouver based bands, NÜ SENSAE being no exception. A great LP of super stripped-down bass-and-lady-vocals primal gloomth. Playing this record feels like crawling into a comfy dark place, as I did so daily this winter. Thanks, NÜ SENSAE. Best song: "I'm A Body."

Marissa Magic:

NÜ SENSAE-"TV, Death and the Devil" LP (Nominal)

At some point this year I went on a West Coast tour and bummed out about the fact that I couldn't listen to this record in my room on repeat. These kids came into the running raging and continue to do so. With equal obsessions of the occult and BABES IN TOYLAND it's a dream come true for a lady screamer nerd like me. I fell in love with this band when they caused the end of a house party with their loud doom jams and this record only fuels the fire of my obsession.




Mariam Bastani
VIPER – Committing the Seven Deadly Sins – EP
NÜ SENSAE – TV, Death and the Devil – LP
WALLS – Stare at the Walls – EP
NERVESKADE – Insanity/Forced to Live – 45
PERDITION – Room 101 – EP

Layla Gibbon
NÜ SENSAE – TV, Death and the Devil – LP
FUCKIN’ FLYIN’ A-HEADS – Swiss Cheese Back – 45
GLAM – Duelo De Titanes – EP
WETDOG – Frauhaus – LP
NEON BLUD – Whipps – EP
SON SKULL – Birth Scene/Rewind – LP
LA LA VASQUEZ – EP / MAYDAY! – Illegal Alien – EP


MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #327, August 2010

NÜ SENSAE - TV, Death and the Devil LP

I've never been to Vancouver, but on my first visit I will be wearing shades and a pointy witches hat, and I will seek this band out for a sneaky séance. To these ears, NÜ SENSAE is a downbeat death duo of shadow-crawl bass-lines and murderer door-knock drums. Stealth punk bangers from beyond the grey. Suspenseful and dark the whole way through, the LP is punctuated with chanty incantations that come across with kinda gothic power gloomth, then switching up to some NO TREND-esque moments when the raging screech of vocalist Andrea takes a throatier turn, and there's even some sax in there, too. The drums are classically punk in style and delivery and that keeps the whole thing from getting overly arty or ponderous. This record is creepy as all hell. I love it! Pretty minimal in terms of production, so the whole thing has a very hollow, barely-there feel to it which is most pleasing. Highly listenable. Less is phwoar. Play this loud and in the dark, please.

Bryony Beynon



DUSTED 2010: Talya Cooper

Nü Sensae
TV, Death and the Devil
Label: Nominal | Release Date: May 18

Nü Sensae play exhilaratingly ugly, Flipper-addled bass/drums punk that sounds like it’s never left the creepy basement that spawned it. Duos like this can tend toward the noodly or the art-school. These, however, are direct riff-driven songs, made distinct by the surprising versatility of Andrea Lukic’s screams and growls and Daniel Pitout’s inventive fills that complement the bass without being mere accompaniment. Somehow, this adds up to music that’s genuinely enjoyable.



EXCLAIM Punk: Year In Review 2010

7. Nü Sensae TV, Death and the Devil (Nominal)

Simultaneously active in Vancouver's noise rock scene and its seedy crust punk underbelly, Nü Sensae bridge the gap with a sonically bludgeoning bass-and-drum attack. With TV, Death and the Devil, the duo successfully abridged their simple set-up to a cohesive album with a newfound appreciation for dynamics. Strengthened by softer sections, rare moments of singing and relatively longer ideas (two songs break the three-minute mark), the album pushed Nü Sensae forward without sacrificing any of the maniacal, sludgy riffing or doom-laden lyrics that made them so endearing.

Josiah Hughes




Nu Sensae, TV, Death and the Devil

Nu Sensae, a bass and drums grunge duo from Vancouver, Canada, is another band that has been alleviating the summer blues with its recent release TV, Death, and the Devil out now on Nominal Records. Their music and the way they behave as a band seem like the product of two young people who were passed mixes of Flipper and Huggy Bear in their teens. I was one of those people, so duh Nu Sensae appeal to me. Their thundering basslines and West Coast hardcore-tinged drum beats, along with singer/bassist Andrea’s piercing and caustic screams and their months of consecutive touring—I missed their NYC gig while I was at Chaos in Tejas—hearken back to a time when snotty young bands didn’t just want to reminisce about Nickelodeon and draw triangles while eating pizza in their parents’ basements. There are elements of gloom and doom here—song titles include “Skull Mecca,” one of the album’s best tracks, and “I’m a Body”—but I am really hesitant to throw any bummer-related terms at them. Don’t know why but Nu Sensae make me feel pretty content. Get it from Nominal Records HERE.




TV, Death and The Devil - Nominal Records
By Paul Lawton

Nü Sensae’s TV, Death and the Devil is a heavy, challenging record that is difficult to review because it just makes me so god-damned miserable whenever I hear it, and this should be taken as a high compliment. It has been a long time that a record has been able to instantly evoke such a desperately rotten mood. This gloom-attack is almost all pathos, and pathos doesn’t exactly lend itself to objective reviewing. In fact, I’m not sure how anyone could review this record and keep themselves out of the picture, as the very thing to which Nü Sensae evoke is self-reflection and a sense of uneasy melancholy. Nü Sensae has been steadily refining their trademark blunt-force trauma-rock that they used to great effect on their one-sided 12” and the Three Dreams 7”. In their debut LP, they have added restraint, nuance and creep to their already packed arsenal. The effect is unnerving: when Andrea Lukiæ goes into low-decibel growls, creepy voodoo-like chants and secret messages, it all builds into a more complete picture of how effectively menacing Nü Sensae can be. The dank, basement, recording certainly adds a layer of gloom to TV, Death and The Devil's end-times swan-song, and I still have a hard time believing that Nü Sensae are a two-piece because songs in this collection sound huge, apocalyptic and extremely cohesive. It should leave no doubt after this flawless full-length as to why Nü Sensae are often held out as one of Vancouver’s most challenging and exciting bands.



EXCLAIM May 2010

Nü Sensae
TV, Death and the Devil
By Josiah Hughes

Vancouver, BC's Nü Sensae have been turning heads with their venomous, murky, bass and drum punk attack since they first appeared on the now-legendary Emergency Room Volume 1. Their subsequent releases (a one-sided twelve-inch and the Three Dreams seven-inch) were apt representations of the duo's ferocious live set. It's on their debut album, TV, Death and the Devil, that they shine in the studio, however. Andrea Lukic's haunting shrieks and sludgy, monstrous bass riffs remain intact, as does Daniel Pitout's octopus-armed drumming, but brief glimpses of melody ("Total Drift") and shifting tempos ("Passing the Word") give them the diversity required to craft a cohesive album of downer punk anthems. On tracks like "Strange Games," the combination of sneering fuzz, melody and all-out chaos is represented perfectly, making this an ideal album for noise nerds and hardcore kids alike. It's a good thing TV, Death and the Devil comes with a massive poster, because Nü Sensae are on their way to becoming your favourite new band.



WEIRD CANADA August 3, 2010

Nü Sensae
TV, Death and the Devil
(Nominal Records)
Vancouver, BC

Bursting through the basement murk of their last string of releases, Vancouver’s blistering two-piece have finally captured their bludgeoning low-end jabs with brilliant fidelity. Let the blaring rapid-snap ferocity course through your body as Andrea’s shrieks peel wigs and burn minds; it’s ritual time in the realm of dualic fringe and we’re all invited to the party. Check your mind at the door, lay your ears at their alter and praise the new queen of shred.

Aaron Levin



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nü Sensae, Spreading their voodoo through North America So in my constant stalking of NASA Space Universe, I saw Nü Sensae at the smell, and i was just like "SHIT, things just got real!...again." Nü Sensae and NSU are pretty much my favorite active bands that aren't the Melvins. and after seeing them three more times and talking with the band, i asked if i could do a review, and they were cool with it.so for the three(maybe I'm overestimating?) that will read this, I'm proud to present my "Band Approved" review for NÜ Sensae's ”TV, Death and the Devil”!

”TV, Death and the Devil LP”

Big Business, Lightning Bolt, Om, godheadSilo, Ruins, probably many others, anyway Nü Sensae, should be added to that list of badass drum and bass duo’s. Nü Sensae is one of those crazy cool bands coming out of Vancouver’s punk/noise/mutant scene. DIY or die, and other stuff, I don’t know, I mean that’s Nardwuar’s jurisdiction. Bass and vox are done by Andrea Lukić, while the drumming is pummeled out by Daniel Pitout

This record is some flawless sludge punk, stuff, with that weird disembodied voice feeling. Although the best part them is that they are actually competent riff writers and capable of being really fucking good, a rarity it seems. The drums are so precise, and skull crushing and that bass is feral and catchy as hell. They call it “Voodoo Punk” mainly because live and successfully on the record they’ve got eeriness shoved in through some haunting screams, shrieks, and singing from Andrea, and Daniel’s tribal death drumming, all this makes dark, Gloom, doom punk galore. They are just so perfectly unstoppable, the records is a tumbling boulder that ends up hitting a bus of children, and that just rolls of into the La Brea Tar-pits, the kids shriek knowing their inevitable doom, just mammoth fuzz, and impending death drumming of the kids banging on the windows, yeah that’s what Nü Sensae is, but in the best way possible.

I'm not sure if this could count as their debut LP, but hell it really doesn’t matter, this has easily been the record of the year for me, from start to finish there is no low point, just segues into more punk doom,

Nü Sensae is almost done with their death defying two-month (or longer) tour of the U.S. along with Shearing Pinx. Seriously the dynamics, the DYNAMICS! I mean that enough is reason to catch them while you can. This band will make you feel like the end of the fucking world is coming, shit rumbles, crashes occur, and that rumbling just keeps going, and then after a bunch of other biblical crap, it ends, like nothing ever happened, but who knows could just be a bad acid trip.

The record can be bought through nominal with their also great single and first one-sided LP. Really buy this record, and make Nardwuar proud.



FFWD July 1, 2010*

With its debut full-length offering, Vancouver two-piece Nü Sensae makes a convincing case that grunge and riot grrrl deserve a re-evaluation. Cramming 12 songs into a feverish 29 minutes, Daniel Pitout’s tumbling drums propel the blown-out bass guitar and gravelly growls of singer Andrea Lukic for a blast back to the angriest and best parts of the 1990s.

Throughout TV, Death and the Devil, the self-described “voodoo punks” maintain a breakneck pace, broken up only ever so slightly with the loud-quiet-loud trade-offs of “(Boots)” and slower-paced stage-stalker “Zimple” ["Night Talker"]. The band’s bracket abuse continues with the crust-punk banger “(Terribolt)” ["Strange Games"], the descending riff storm of “Worm(s)” and the possibly Beavis and Butt-Head-referencing rocker “(Hardholio)” ["Total Drift"]. Amidst all this mischief, “Cat’s Cradle” stands out as the pick of the litter, with its clanging hi-hats and near-anthemic tune sure to incite a teenage riot.

Jesse Locke

*Note usage of the working titles. Correct titles provided in square brackets.